Belleville Community Picnic Bike Race – Saturday, August 10, 2024: Attached is a copy of a permit application we received for the Belleville Community Picnic Bike Race taking place 8/10/24.  We are forwarding this to you per Dane County Ord. 79.145 because all or a portion of the event takes place in your municipality.   https://cdn.townweb.com/townoforegonwi.gov/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/Belleville-Community-Picnic-Bike-Race_8-10-24.pdf  

Bike the Barn September 15

Bike the Barns (more info here) that will take place on Sunday, September 15th (roughly 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM). We are planning to start and stop the ride at Lake Leota Park in Evansville, and will ride through the Town of Oregon as well as other municipalities in the area. I am hoping to connect with you to coordinate safety and convenience for everyone as we ride through your area. Are there any permits that we need to obtain for the event?

We will be riding with traffic (no road closures), have a detailed safety plan, and our route will be extremely well marked. Here is a link to a Google Maps Route that shows both of the routes. I’ve attached two PDFs below that list the specific road cues, one for the short route and long route. For your convenience, I’ve tried to list the affected highways and roadways for the Bike the Barns event below:


Short Route

Long Route

Affected Highways

No known affected highways.

Affected Roadways for the Short Route

No affected roadways for the short route.

Affected Roadways for the Long Route

Glenway Rd to Bellbrook Rd to Union Rd to Rome Corners Rd