Emergency Services

Police Services

Dial 911 to report an accident, fire, serious illness, injury, or crime in progress that requires immediate response.

Contact the Dane County Sheriff's office for law enforcement.  In some cases you may be referred to alternative resources if they involve the enforcement of town ordinances.

Supervisory District number #31
Phone: 266-4948

Some example of complaints handled by the Dane County Sheriff (This list in not all-inclusive)

  • Criminal activity
  • Domestic abuse
  • Break-ins
  • Traffic accidents
  • Speeding

Duties of the Constable

The Town Constable is elected for a two-year term. The town board determines the jurisdiction and the duties of the constable. The constable enforces town ordinances, acts as a liaison to the town officials and other law enforcement agencies. The constable aids with traffic control.

The constable position is a part time position. Due to the part time status, the constable may not be available to respond to calls in progress. Callers are encouraged to call and leave a message with Constable Kurt Maher, 577-2882. Please include the necessary information for the constable to contact you.

Some examples of complaints handled by the constable (This list is not all-inclusive)

  • Animal/Dog Violation (The constable is authorized to issue citations for violations of any provision of the town ordinance dealing with the licensing of dogs and dogs "running at large")
  • Abandoned vehicle
  • Parking violation
  • Junk/Junk vehicle
  • Noise violation
  • Curfew violations