Belleville Community Picnic Bike Race – Saturday, August 10, 2024: Attached is a copy of a permit application we received for the Belleville Community Picnic Bike Race taking place 8/10/24.  We are forwarding this to you per Dane County Ord. 79.145 because all or a portion of the event takes place in your municipality.   https://cdn.townweb.com/townoforegonwi.gov/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/Belleville-Community-Picnic-Bike-Race_8-10-24.pdf  


To make a payment, you will need to know the payment amount, and provide other relevant information to identify your payment. Any required application forms should be submitted in advance, and then generally Town staff will provide you with the amount due and instructions for payment, including a link to the online payment form.

Convenience fees apply and will be disclosed as you advance

The Town can only accept property tax payments during the months of December and January.  During those months, a payment link will be shown above.  During the rest of the year, property tax payments must be made to the Dane County Treasurer.  For more information, see https://treasurer.countyofdane.com/

As a convenience to our residents, the Town of Oregon accepts payment for most permits, licenses, property tax first installments and other miscellaneous charges through allpaid®.

Payments may be made with a major credit, debit or prepaid debit card.

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allpaid®, based in Indianapolis, is a category leader in accepting credit and debit card payments on behalf of government agencies. More than one million cardholders annually rely on them when making payments to over 2,000 agencies in more than 40 states. allpaid® processes nearly $200 million annually in payments to government agencies.