Property Tax Information

Property Tax Information

Tax bills are sent to property owners.  It is the responsibility of property owners to notify mortgage holders of tax amounts for payments from escrow accounts.  You may view your property tax bill online at Access Dane.

Payment Information

The Town of Oregon collects tax payments through January 31, 2024.  During this time payments can be made payable to the TOWN OF OREGON.

Please enclose the bottom portion of your property tax bill with your check.  Also, please put a contact number or email address in the memo line of your check so we can get in touch with you if there is a discrepancy with your payment or you want a tax payment receipt.  Payments received or postmarked by December 31, 2023 will be credited as a 2023 payment.  Please be sure to transfer funds (if needed) prior to writing your check.  It is likely that your funds will be withdrawn from your account the same day you write your check.  Two-Party checks or post dated checks are not accepted.  No refund will be given on the day of your payment.

Lottery Credits

To qualify for a lottery credit you must have owned your home and it must have been your primary residence as of January 1, 2023.  If your home was newly built and completed after January 1, 2023, your tax bill does not qualify a lottery credit in 2023.  Forms can be found by clicking here.  For more information regarding the Lottery Credit please see the Department of Revenue website.


First Dollar Credit

Every taxable parcel in the State of Wisconsin qualifies for the First Dollar Credit provided that parcel contains real property improvement.  This includes business, commercial and private property.  Unlike the Lottery and Gaming Credit, the property does NOT need to be the primary residence of the owner.  This credit should be automatically applied to all qualifying properties.  For more information regarding the First Dollar Credit please see the Department of Revenue website.