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Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection

Are you looking for more information about Town of Oregon curbside waste and recycling collection services? Please review the letter to town residents dated January 3rd and the FAQ lists below. We’ll continue to provide updates as we proceed to curbside services in mid 2023.

Questions About Town-Wide Curbside Collection

Curbside Basics

What is curbside residential trash service?
Trash pickup should be simple and easy with no need to leave home. Curbside pickup is an automated residential curbside trash service provided by Pellitteri Waste Systems. Pick the size trash cart that works best for your household and enjoy weekly trash pickup.

What about residential recycling?
No pre-sorting of recyclables is necessary so all household recycling can go into the same recycling cart. All-in-one recycling can include most household recyclables. Your recycling pickup will occur every other week.
Who is Pellitteri Waste Systems?
Pellitteri is a Madison-based company that has served residents and municipalities in the area for over 40 years. Learn more about them at Pellitteri.com.

How does curbside pickup work?
Before service begins, Pellitteri will contact you about the cart size you’d like to use. When service begins, you’ll place your household trash in your trash cart and recyclables in your recycling cart. The pickup day each week has yet to be determined but expect that trash pickup will be weekly and recycling bi-weekly.

What day and time will my garbage and recycling be collected?

Pellitteri will send out information about a collection schedule. Pellitteri will also have a dedicated link for Town of Oregon residents from their homepage at www.pellitteri.com with information on collection days and acceptable items. Trash pickup will occur each week, while recycling pickup will be every other week.

How will I receive bins? What can I put inside the bins?

Pellitteri will deliver two 95-gallon bins (a garbage bin and recycling bin) to each household and will provide information on what is acceptable inside the bins. There will be an option to choose smaller bins and add additional bins for a fee if requested.

Can I leave extra garbage or recycling outside of the bins?

No, the cost is for automated collection and will not include extra items outside of the bins. You can contact Pellitteri for collection of extra items for a fee.

Will curbside pickup of bulk items, electronics, and white goods (large household appliances) be available? 

Yes, large item pickup is available from Pellitteri for an additional fee. Bulk item pricing information will be available by July 1. Residents can schedule collection of these items by contacting Pellitteri customer service directly. (See also Other Disposal Options.)


What does curbside pickup cost?
The Town is in the process of negotiating contract terms, and monthly fees per household are expected to be below $14.00. There’s no need to pay each month, though, because the total cost for the service will be included as part of your tax bill. We anticipate that the 6 month total special charge for 2023 will be less than $84.00.

Can I opt out of collection or choose to not pay?

No. The town is mandated by the State to provide recycling collection and property owners are not able to opt out of the special charge for collection.

Transition to Curbside

How do residents with existing curbside services from Pellitteri or Waste Management switch to town-wide curbside?
Pellitteri and Waste Management are prepared to make the transition easy from individual agreements to Oregon’s town-wide service. It’s as easy as contacting your hauler prior to July 1, 2023, to cancel your individual service agreement effective July 1. Your service will continue until town-wide curbside begins. 

There’s no need to do anything now and more information will follow. Also, Pellitteri will be mailing each household a welcome letter with additional information.

Do you have additional questions about using curbside if you have a long driveway, bin placement, bin transport, bin enclosures, etc.?

Please contact Pellitteri if you have questions regarding collection specifics. Please contact the clerk’s office if you have any other concerns. The town will continue to address questions and provide transition assistance.

TORC Status

Is the TORC closing?
No, the Town of Oregon Recycling Center is open now and will remain open. Current services for household trash and household recycling will continue until curbside pickup begins on July 1, 2023. After July 1, residents can continue to use the TORC for brush and other items. The total range of TORC services to be offered after July 1 has yet to be finalized.

Other Disposal Options

Is curbside pickup of bulk items, electronics, and white goods (large household appliances) available from Pellitteri? 

Yes, large item pickup is available from Pellitteri for an additional fee. Bulk item pricing information will be available by July 1. Residents can schedule collection of these items by contacting Pellitteri customer service directly.

What disposal services are available at the Dane County Landfill?

Dane County Landfill provides drop-off disposal services to Dane County residents — including all Town of Oregon residents. Visit their website at Dane County Landfill for information about disposal or recycling of your unwanted items, fees, rates, and hours of operation. Dane County Landfill is open 6 days a week.  

The landfill is located across from Yahara Hills Golf Course about 20 miles from the Town of Oregon Recycling Center at 7102 US Highway 12, Madison, WI 53718. (Click to view map.)

Updates to Follow

We will continue to provide updates about the transition to town-wide curbside collection of household trash and recycling, as well as any changes to the TORC operation. The Town of Oregon website will have the latest information. If you have any immediate questions, please feel free to reach out.