Belleville Community Picnic Bike Race – Saturday, August 10, 2024: Attached is a copy of a permit application we received for the Belleville Community Picnic Bike Race taking place 8/10/24.  We are forwarding this to you per Dane County Ord. 79.145 because all or a portion of the event takes place in your municipality.   https://cdn.townweb.com/townoforegonwi.gov/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/Belleville-Community-Picnic-Bike-Race_8-10-24.pdf  

Dane County Advises to Avoid Rural Roads

Please see the following notice regarding avoiding rural roads in Dane County

Please Avoid Traveling if Possible Around Rural Dane County

The winter storm may appear to be over, but the winds and cold continue to make roads impassible in some areas. Blowing and drifting snow will be a concern over the next 24 hours.

The Dane County Highway Department reports drifting snow is making snow removal challenging in parts of rural Dane County. Crews are hoping to make progress on road conditions today before very cold temperatures arrive and create snow and ice pack. Minimizing travel in rural Dane County will help these crews push back drifting snow and keep roads passable.

“We have assigned graders, loaders, and equipment designed to move large quantities of snow to regions of the county where drifting has been most extensive,” Dane County Interim Highway Commissioner Pam Dunphy said.

“If folks are willing to lie low and give our crews room to work today, we think we can get ahead of the extreme cold that’s on the way so our highways are safer to drive on over the course of the next week,” County Executive Joe Parisi said.

In addition to minimizing travel today, the Dane County Emergency Operations Center is also asking homeowners to check their home vents and gas meters to make sure drifting snow hasn’t blocked vents. Homeowners are also asked to please dig out fire hydrants to ensure they remain accessible to emergency crews. People are also encouraged to take rest breaks when removing large volumes of snow.